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Green Building

Go Green the Right Way

Whether you are looking for approval as a green and sustainable building from the National Home Builders Association or want to meet the standards required by USGBC for Leed certification, Kertes Enterprises, Inc. can guide you along the path you choose.  We can also help to simply make your home or office meet any other green standard you chose to pursue.


As a LEED AP and National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) CERTIFIED GREEN PROFESSIONAL, we are continually updating our education in the rapidly changing field of green and sustainable construction, and are able to confidently and professionally handle green construction projects – both commercial and residential.

We work with land planners, landscapers, architects and other professionals to make every project ‘greener’ and more cost effective. ‘Going green’ can be as simple as recycling, or as complex as implementing alternate power sources such as solar, thermal or wind. We can also help you include green construction materials such as specialty insulation and energy conserving windows in the building process.

There are many forms of green technology, and many different organizations that approve and certify different levels of ‘green’ construction. We provide consulting, cost analysis, and inspections for green construction and renovations to bring your build into compliance with your chosen standard. Our professional will work with you to utilize as much green technology as is feasible depending on the individual build. For many, simply making their project ‘greener’ than average is a victory.
[Portions of this page are used with permission from the NAHB.]

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